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Examples & Production Systems

Example code repositories

Here are some examples of how to setup Python with the Polylith Architecture.

You will find examples of sharing code between different kind of projects, developer tooling configuration such as mypy and the venv, and development setup for REPL Driven Development or Jupyter notebooks.

Production Systems

Runestone Academy

Runestone Academy is an open-source project and our mission is to equip the nation's STEM teachers with open-source content, tools and strategies they need to create engaging, accessible, and effective learning experiences for their students.

Runestone Academy Monorepo

poly info


BritNed - Electricity interconnector, connecting the United Kingdom with the European mainland through the Netherlands. Polylith-Python is the foundation under our (internal) data warehouse which extracts/transforms data from multiple systems in our operation.


In addition to the examples and Production Systems, there is also the actual Python tools for the Polylith Architecture repo, that itself is a Polylith Workspace.

Your project here?

Do you have a Polylith repository that you or your company would like to share here? You are very much welcome to make a Pull Request, or create a Github issue to the python-polylith-docs repo.